Reports and White Papers

JRP Reports

In this section we give access to the National Energy Board Joint Review Panel (NEB-JRP) Reports of December 2013 that recommend that the Northern Gateway Project proceed.

 JRP Report Vol. 1

JRP Report Vol. 2[hr]

JRP Hearings

These hearings show the evidence used to support the JRP Reports. We also refer to these hearings in our White Papers below.

March 18, 2013 JRP hearings

March 19, 2013 JRP hearings

April 4, 2013 JRP hearings

April 25, 2013 JRP hearings

Environment Canada Written Evidence[hr]

White Papers

These are our detailed responses to the JRP recommendations. We rely on evidence presented in the hearings above as well as the reports below.

Whitepaper #1 – Flawed analysis, irresponsible approval

Whitepaper 2 – Taxpayers on hook for costs of major spill


These reports are referred to in our Whitepapers.

Environment Canada Dilbit Nov 2013

ASL Report

Transport Canada Review

Quantitative Risk Analysis

Rabaska 2004