Golden Ears Bridge Collision, May 31, 2017

Two days ago, there was a collision with a crane hitting the Golden Ears Bridge.
It should be noted that the Golden Ears Bridge was properly designed according to the S6 Canadian Highways code which required the bridge to withstand impacts from any traffic that is allowed to use the waterway under the bridge. This is not true for the Second Narrows (Highways & Railways) Bridges as they were built long before the S6 codes were created. CPE, under its’ commenter status to National Energy Board (NEB), has asked for an S6 risk analysis to be done, and NEB ignored the request. However, both the Highways and Railways Bridge owners have told CPE they are analyzing their bridges for the possibility of collision of tankers and vessels. We have also asked these owners to look at mitigation of designing and placing barriers to lessen the impacts and damage should serious off course incident caused by rudder failure occur.
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