Danger Associated with a Burnaby Mountain Trans Mountain Tank Farm Expansion

Read our most recent letter sent out to Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Claire Trevena, as well as other government officials. Fire at the tank farm poses a particular hazard. Excerpts from a report written by Deputy Fire Chief Chris Bowcock of the City of Burnaby Fire Department, entitled “Trans Mountain Tank Farm Tactical Risk Analysis … [Read more…]

Golden Ears Bridge Collision, May 31, 2017

Two days ago, there was a collision with a crane hitting the Golden Ears Bridge.   http://globalnews.ca/news/3491788/crane-on-a-barge-hits-and-damages-the-golden-ears-bridge/   It should be noted that the Golden Ears Bridge was properly designed according to the S6 Canadian Highways code which required the bridge to withstand impacts from any traffic that is allowed to use the waterway under … [Read more…]

CPE’s Comment to CBC on “There really is no plan B”

Here is Chris Peter’s (CPE) comment posted yesterday on the CBC website in response to Ms. Notley’s statement that “There really is no plan B” Residents of Burnaby were systematically excluded from the National Energy Board hearings despite their attempts to register as intervenors and their elected representatives were stonewalled in information requests to Trans … [Read more…]

The Globe & Mail, Weigh Anchor, Kinder Morgan Interactive Article/Video

We’d like to share this well put together Globe & Mail piece. Please check it out and pass it along to spread the word about the Kinder Morgan Trans-mountain Expansion Project, and it’s potential impact on the BC Coastline. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/british-columbia/kinder-morgan-trans-mountain-pipeline-bc-coast/article35043172/https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/british-columbia/kinder-morgan-trans-mountain-pipeline-bc-coast/article35043172/ Please follow and like us:

Message Update – April 10, 2017

Hey everybody, the attempts to get the Federal Government to deny the Kinder Morgan (KM) Expansion has failed.  A decision was made December 10, to approve the KM Trans Mountain Expansion. This decision was made ignoring the evidence CPE submitted to the National Energy Board (NEB) in our comments of October 2014 and August 2015. … [Read more…]

CN Concerned About Safety of Rail Bridge Against Collision Vancouver Sun Jan 31 2017

CPE Spokesman Brian Gunn encouraged to see talks between CN and Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure regarding bridge safety in the Burrard Inlet, in light of future increased tanker traffic.  Read the article here: CN wants to know more about upcoming safety report on Burrard Inlet bridges Additional interest has surfaced in a planned provincial report … [Read more…]

BC Premier asked to quantify risks: letter in Vancouver Observer January 24, 2017

The British Columbia Premier and the Canadian Prime Minister have justified Kinder Morgan’s tanker expansion by saying that the benefits of the expansion outweigh the risks.  They list the benefits, but they omit outlining the risks.  CPE has submitted a letter requesting that the government undertake a risk assessment of tankers colliding with bridges, add … [Read more…]