CPE’s Comment to CBC on “There really is no plan B”

Here is Chris Peter’s (CPE) comment posted yesterday on the CBC website in response to Ms. Notley’s statement that “There really is no plan B”

Residents of Burnaby were systematically excluded from the National Energy Board hearings despite their attempts to register as intervenors and their elected representatives were stonewalled in information requests to Trans Mountain. The more than doubled tank farm is on a slope above their residences and the pipeline is to be directionally drilled beneath their university campus. Recognizing the justice of their case, the federal court of appeal has allowed them to be included in the judicial review of the Cabinet decision approving the pipeline.

Premier Notley should be made aware that there is in fact a feasible Plan ‘B’ that has been extensively publicized by Concerned Professional Engineers, another group excluded from the hearings, which avoids all of the above dangers to heavily populated areas: namely to spend an extra $1.2B to extend the pipeline to a new deep water VLCC port at Roberts Bank. Rather than issue an IPO to try to co-opt Canadian shareholders, Kinder Morgan would be far better off to placate them by following such a compromising course of action.


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