The proposed Kinder Morgan (KM) seven-fold increase in tanker movements through Eastern Burrard Inlet, will incur risks of collision and spills that are 5-times greater than what we accept for earthquake damage to buildings and infrastructure, and 20-times riskier than that which we accept for ship collision with new bridge designs.

CPE had asked the NEB and the Federal Government to deny the KM Expansion because they are not able or willing to bring the risks down to acceptable levels.

CPE’s appeals of the Federal Government and the NEB have gone unanswered.

Are we willing to let our government’s approval of risks from tanker collision and spills go forward without challenging them? If so, we would be accepting a risk much higher than the standards we accept for earthquake design for buildings and new bridge design.

Are we willing to incur a seven-fold increase in tankers, with up to 4 transits a day without a proper risk analysis of ship collision with the bridges?


CPE has completed the above animation showing the possibility of a large Aframax tanker striking Vancouver’s Second Narrows Bridges.

CPE has been interested in the hazard introduced by the bridges at the Second Narrows of Burrard Inlet, and we feel that the hazard has not been properly analysed for risk.  We have looked at three studies undertaken by Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain, and offer our assessment of these studies.  We believe that the risk studies should have considered the probability of bridge collision as a major item, but they have not.   Read more

Why is risk important to you?

  • We face risk every day- driving, walking, flying.
  • Risks that we face are acceptable because we continue to take them.
  • When accidents occur, we look to reduce risk to an acceptable level and we ask our government and others to help us do this.

What is an acceptable level of risk and when do we ask the government to reduce our risk?

  • We ask the government to reduce our exposure to earthquake damage by upgrading our earthquake requirements for building design as our knowledge of earthquake risks becomes apparent.
  • We require new building and infrastructure (eg. bridge designs) to meet updated codes and we take measures to upgrade old buildings, especially schools and other public places.
  • We also focus on ensuing that new highway bridges like Port Mann and the Golden Ears are built to withstand collisions with ships to a very high standard.

Here is what CPE proposes:

  • We wish to continue our dialogue with the owners of the Railway Bridge (CN) and the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge (Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure of BC).
  • We wish to assist those who have brought an action to the expansion to the Federal Appeal Court.

We need your help to fund legal advice and to raise public awareness through social, mainstream, and other media of the action we are taking.

Please help by donating to our appeal through paypal, or by sending us a cheque to CPE, Attn: Brian Gunn, Box 2160, Campbell River, BC, V9W 5C5.

Thank you,
Brian Gunn
Spokesperson for CPE